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Process Coordinator

Mrs. Andrea Richardson has worked in the field of education for 17 years, the last five have been in the Park Hill School District. Mrs. Richardson serves as the Process Coordinator at Gerner, ensuring that special education processes are followed and that practices remain in compliance with special education regulations. Not only does Mrs. Richardson oversee the special education evaluation process and assist the evaluation team in making determinations for eligibility, she also collaborates with teams on an ongoing basis to review instructional practices, plan and facilitate professional development and general programming needs. Mrs. Richardson collaborates with parents, providing information related to special education process and helps to answer their questions related to early childhood development and concerns.

If you have questions related to special education processes and evaluation, accessing early childhood programming at Gerner or other community-based resources, please feel free to contact Mrs. Richardson by email or by phone at 816-359-6111.


Mrs. Andrea Richardson
Process Coordinator