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Curricular Resources

Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum is a research-based framework to implementing preschool standards in a developmentally appropriate manner. Students are provided with small group instruction, large group instruction, structured play time, and individual instruction. The Curriculum provides a model for teachers on the types of materials to have in the Interest Areas and the amount of instructional time is required for each of the developmental areas.

Additional information about Creative Curriculum can be found here

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a multi-sensory approach to learning phonics, which means that there is a book, song, and finger movements to each letter sound to make it fun for the students to learn. Jolly Phonics is also used in the Park Hill Elementary Schools during the first six weeks of kindergarten. Students at the Early Childhood Education Center are exposed to this resource throughout the school year. Teachers spend one week on each sound and are able to spell their first word after the first three weeks of school.

Additional information about Jolly Phonics is available here

Missouri Early Childhood Pre-K Standards

All programs at the Early Childhood Education Center follow the Missouri Pre-K Standards. The standards are broad descriptions of what most children should know and and be able to do by the time they enter kindergarten. They are not a curriculum but a framework for communicating a shared set of expectations for preschool children.

Missouri Early Learning Standards