Gerner Book Club

One Book, One School

The Gerner Building Leadership Team is excited to introduce our fall Gerner Book Club. This
book has been introduced to your child by their teacher in the classroom. Every classroom in
the building received this book specifically chosen to promote our Early Literacy Framework
and Social Emotional Learning. Now that your child is familiar with the book, they have been
given a copy to bring home to share with you! We would like you to now take this opportunity to explore the concepts of literacy and social emotional understanding at home with your child using this book. Below you will find ideas of how to continue this learning at home.

Fall Book: “I Was So Mad” by Mercer Mayer in the Little Critter

Ideas of How to Use This Book with your Child:

1. Read the book with your children several times...
● Identify the characters, setting, and events that take place in the story.
● Look at the pictures and talk about what the pictures tell you about the story.
● Have your children read the book to you (telling you what they know or
remember or their own version by “reading” the pictures)
2. Take a “field trip” and look at people’s faces around you when take a walk, go to school,
or out shopping. What do they tell you? How are they feeling? Identify happy, excited,
tired, angry, sad, and disappointed faces. How do they look different? How do they look
the same?
3. Talk to your child about a time they felt happy, sad, scared, angry or mad? Share a time
you have felt happy, sad, scared, angry or mad with them.
4. Ask your child what makes them mad? Come up with ideas together on how you can
calm down when you are mad.