Family Resources

First Time Parents

Transitioning to a new preschool program can be an exciting and also scary time for both students and parents. Especially for children who have not participated in a preschool experience before the ECEC, there can be a transition period not only for the children, but also for the parents.

Many students start their first few weeks of school very excited about the new experiences. Some may have a difficult time transitioning and may become sad and a little teary at times. This usually passes after the first week or two of school. What helps the most for students who have difficulties with separation from parents is to have consistency at the time the parents are dropping off. Here are a few strategies to assist the parents and students durign this transition time:

  • Send a picture of your family with your child to school so they have something comforting if they become sad (many teachers frame the pictures or laminate the family
  • Early Childhood Special Education and Title I Students - please allow for the teacher or teacher assistant to take your child out of the car and walk them in to the classroom. This helps the child transition easier into the building for class
  • Tuition Preschool students - dropping them off at the door of the classroom instead of walking in to the classroom can be easier on the students. There are small windows outside of all of the classrooms - that is a great place to peek in to see how your child is doing when you leave the classroom
  • At any time, please contact the school to check in to see how your child is doing during those first few weeks and feel free to set up a meeting with their classroom teacher and/or the Principal to assist with a transition plan, if you feel that is needed to make school a more successful experience for your child
Working with parents is important to the Gerner Family Early Education Center’s success. If you need any information that you can't find here, feel free to contact the office at (816) 359-4600.