Pre-K Classrooms

The Gerner Center's Tuition Pre-K classrooms have a strong focus on academics and kindergarten readiness skills. There also continues to be an emphasis on social skills building and learning how to collaborate with their peers through the Project Based Learning approach. Teachers follow the Missouri Early Learning Standards and implement the Creative Curriculum Framework.

Pre-K Teachers

Room 116 - Mrs. Brittani Twidwell  
Room 177 - Ms. Kirsten Abbey
Room 181 - Mrs. Amber Goin
Room 187 - Mrs. Sarah Felps 
Room 183 - Mrs. Jordan Rash

Sample Pre-K Schedule

6:30-7:30          MPR for Early Room
Breakfast in the MPR
8:00-8:30          Classroom drop off and check in (morning tubs)
8:30-9:00          Hello time (calendar, jobs, etc.)
9:00-9:20          Music & movement/bathroom
9:20-9:50          Recess
9:50-10:20        Snack/bathroom
0:30-11:15      Circle time (book, concept)/Small Group
11:15 -11:35     Interest Areas/one on one time
11:35-12:05     Lunch
12:05-12:15     Brush teeth/bathroom
12:15-1:00        Quiet time (individual activities)
1:00-1:40         Jolly phonics
1:40-2:00         Snack
2:00-2:30         Recess
2:30-3:00         Math/social studies
3:00-3:45           Interest areas
4:00-4:15         End of the day reflection
4:30-4:45         Individual work/clean up
4:45-6:00         Late Room transition